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This is not a translation of all the information that is given on this website in Danish. On this page you will only find a limited introduction to some of the work we are doing.

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Our Institute is the only Gestalt Institute in Denmark which is accredited by the Danish Psychological Association to give credit to psychologist’s psychotherapeutic specialization.

At the Institute we are working with a model for Integrative Gestalt Practice. The focus is on using Gestalt as a framework for integrating findings from other schools of psychology and psychotherapy, and at the same time pursuing the underlying integrative potentials of Gestalt theory and practice. The term "Practice" refers to the practicing of Gestalt in a broader field than just therapy. 
Our article "Gestalt Therapy and Cognitive Therapy - Contrasts or Complementarities" has been published in "Psychotherapy" by The American Psychological Association, Dec. 2010.

see abstract here

Our book "Integrative Gestalt Practise - complexity and wholeness in working with people" by MIkael sonne & Jan Tønnesvang, will be published in English soon, Publishing Company: Karnac Books.




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