Core Faculty: Mikael Sonne, Jan Tønnesvang & James Hammink

Mikael Sonne

Mikael Sonne

Psychologist. Director, Aarhus Gestalt Institute. Co-director, Center for IGP. Boardmember, Gestalt Forum, Denmark. Member of The Aarhus Research Group in Gestalt. Clinical psychologist in psychiatric hospital 1978-84. Since 1984 private practice. Trained in Gestalt at International Psychotherapy Training Center (Natasha Mann, Barrie Simmons and others), at Gestalt Training Center, San Diego (Erving & Miriam Polster), and also with Gary Yontef and at GATLA. Trained in energywork and meditation at Bob Moore's healing center, DK.

Homepage of Mikael Sonne.

Jan Tønnesvang

Psychologist, Ph.d., Professor at The Department of Psychology, Aarhus University, leading the Research Unit for Integrative Psychology. Wellknown for his work with Vitalizing Psychology in pedagical practice, and for his work with Qualified Selfdetermination and the Vitalization model. Co-director, Center for Integrative Gestalt Practice. Member of the Aarhus Research Group in Gestalt. Jan has been trained in gestalt at The Aarhus Gestalt Institute (1990-94) and with Todd Burley from GATLA..


James Hammink

Psychologist in Private Practice, teaching workshops in Spiral Dynamics and mindfulness. Many years of intensive experience with meditation - theoretically and practically. James has his gestalt training from USA and Denmark. He is a member of the Growth Center, Nr. Snede in Denmark.

Co-director, Center for Integrative Gestalt Practice, Member of the Aarhus Research Group.

James' homepage: James Hammink


IGP Network

The IGP network

In Nov. 2017 the network has been founded as an official network in the Danish Psychological Association.

The IGP centre

Aarhus Gestalt Institute/ Center for Integrative Gestalt Practice is the only Danish gestalt training institute which is accredited by the Danish Psychological Association to give credit to psychologist's psychotherapeutic specialization.

IGP uses Gestalt as a framework for integrating findings from other schools of Psychology and Psychotherapy, and at the same time pursuing the underlying integrative potentials of Gestalt theory and practice. The term practice refers to the practicing of gestalt in a broader field than therapy.


IGP practice

IGP can be used in therapy, coaching, leader development, pedagogical and organizational work.

IGP has been developed i cooperation between Jan Tønnesvang, James Hammink and Mikael Sonne. 

Our article "Gestalt Therapy and Cognitive Therapy - Contrasts or Complementarities" has been published in the APA journal: "Psychotherapy, Theory, Research, Practice, Training" in 2010, vol. 47, no. 4, p.586-602.

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